Cameron Chornyak

Cameron Chornyak
Specialized Technician

  • Certifications and Training:

  • ASE Master Technician with L1 Certification

  • Emission Phase IV

  • Federal Mogul, "Fuel Systems Principles Tech Seminar"

  • Years with F & F Auto: 8 - Total Years Experience: 19

When F&F needs to dig a heater core out of a Taurus, Cameron is the man they call on. He specializes in Air-Conditioning, heater cores, door and window repairs, and steering columns. He is very thorough on these tedious repairs and gets the job done right the first time.

Cam is the "Jack of all Trades" at F&F. He service writes, helps customers who stop by for that "quick look" under the hood, slim jim's the lock out, stays late to make sure the last car is parked and locked up.

The epitome of a team player, Cam will perform any task requested and tackle it with extreme efficiency. He has a caring attitude and is one of those employees shop owners dream about.

Cameron is a native of the Seattle area and a graduate of Wyoming Technical Institute. He has been in the industry 19 years and met Mark Nilsson while working at Olympic View Service. Mark finally convinced Cam to join F&F several years later in April 1998 with no looking back.

Cameron is definitely a gear head. He owns a 68 GTO and a 1971 K5 Blazer. He enjoys the great outdoors and taking care of his yard with his fiance, Julie.